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Eshu, the Orisha of Communication: Mercury, His Planet and Mysteries

Mercury is the planet of communication. It is named after the messenger God, Mercury,

in Roman mythology. This planet has a strong connection with Eshu, the Orisha over

communication in Yoruba mythology. Eshu is known for his mischievousness and ability

to cross boundaries. He helps people communicate effectively and resolve conflicts. In

this blog post, we will explore the mysteries of Eshu and Mercury, and how they can

help us improve our communication skills!

Eshu is a trickster who likes to play pranks on people. He is also known as the

"Crossroads God" because he likes to stand at the crossroads and give direction to

everyone on their individual journey throughout life. Eshu is usually portrayed as a black

man wearing red clothes. He carries a staff or cane, which he uses to help people cross

boundaries and communicate effectively. He is also associated with the colors red and

black, which are considered to be lucky colors in Yoruba mythology.

Eshu is one of the most important and popular Orishas in the Yoruba pantheon. He is a

god of communication, wit, and trickery, and his domain includes crossroads, travelers,

games of chance, and merchants.

Eshu is often represented as a messenger of the Orishas, carrying their messages to

humans. He is also said to be the one who brings messages from the dead to the living.

Eshu's connection to twins is also significant. In Yoruba mythology, twins are said to be

under the protection of Eshu. Twins are seen as special because they have a

connection to the spirit world and can communicate with the dead.

Eshu is also associated with the planet Mercury. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of

communication and commerce. It is fitting that Eshu should be associated with this

planet, as he is the Orisha who governs over communication and commerce.

Mercury is also known as the "Winged Messenger"; This is another connection between

Eshu and Mercury. In Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger of the Gods. He

was often represented with wings on his feet, symbolizing his speed and ability to travel

between the worlds.

Eshu is a complex and intriguing Orisha, with many facets to his personality. Eshu is an

Orisha of communication but also has some connection with the dead and twins. He is

associated with the planet Mercury, which itself is a symbol of communication and

commerce. Eshu is a fascinating Orisha who continues to mystify and intrigue those

who study him.

Do you have any questions about Eshu? Leave them in the comments below and I'll do

my best to answer them! Thank you for reading!

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Kai Flowers
Kai Flowers
31 jul 2022

Does your Eshu need to be outside or at your front door?

Me gusta
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