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Financial Literacy & Acquisition..... and how Babaluaye can Help.

I just want to take a moment and talk about the importance of financial literacy in the black

community. As time goes on, we realize that there are desperate needs in our community in order to improve our thought process when it comes to managing money; such as where it is that we are choosing to put our money. We're in a time where people of color don't have that many assets and we are living paycheck to paycheck. On top of that, now, we are amidst a pandemic.

We need to try to support each other, support other businesses that are owned by other black and brown people in our community. If we want to go to a subgroup because now we're talking about our enclave, we really need to also start supporting people in our Yoruba and Afro-Cuban traditional houses or lies. A way that we can do that is by promoting each other's businesses and talents.

We have to get up on, changing our thinking about where should our money be going or how it should be allocated. I say this because a lot of times, we don't have any problem buying products from a European designer but we won't support a young designer out of our community. Value comes to the things that we put value to and no one else can put a price tag on the artist, clothing designer, or the musician that comes out of our community besides us…we decide that. We know as a community we traditionally set the standards in many areas without appreciation from the outside world.

When it comes to our money, let's not get brainwashed by thinking that the products

that a European company puts out are better than something that we can put out by our own hands. The important take away from this is to know how to manage our funds, how to be more disciplined when it comes to our spending, and make reinvesting back into our community a priority.

Babaluaye is the preeminent Orisha for financial acquisition. He was so wealthy that he doesn’t mind distributing the wealth that emanates from himself to anyone who propitiates him. People who are financially destitute, not that much is required from them, he is definitely the Orisha to go to because not much is required in order for him to deal with you.

The first of all prosperity is health and if appealed to, there are a couple of things that you can do for Babaluaye that will allow that to come to you. One of his primary herbs is ginger, and if you get a piece of ginger and cut off the bottom and place that in the center of the plate with red beans all around it, that is an ebo for good health. When doing this ebo, if you aren’t an initiated priest or you don’t have Babaluaye, you would create an alter and sit the plate on a piece of burlap or a piece of dark material that is in the color scheme of maroon or purple. An initiated priest that has Babaluaye would do the same things but instead of creating an alter they would place the plate in front of Babaluaye. If you take the same ebo but instead of the ginger, you use red onion it is a way to propitiate wealth and prosperity. From time to time, every seventeen days or every thirty days is you take a small handful of the beans and clean yourself off and place them in a bag. You then take the bag and place it in front of a financial institution. This will help bring monetary wealth but it is important to remember that while doing these ebos, you have to play an active part in it as well, meaning that you have to put forth effort to change your situation whether it be by adopting new habits or applying yourself to activities that will promote positive

forward movement.

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