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Hand Of IFA

Lately, I have been working more and more as an Apetebi for the Hand of IFA ceremonies in our Ile and I have to admit that it is a very rewarding experience. Thinking back on my own Hand of IFA ceremony, I remember not really understanding the reason why it was so important. The only thing that I knew is that I needed to do it. There were so many things going on in my life during that time, such as a deteriorating relationship with my then Godparent in Orisha, craziness on the job, and repeated issues with my car getting hit, regardless of whether I was in it or not.

IFA is the clear road map from where you are right now to where it is that you are going. IFA

amalgamates all the separate pieces of information to show what the precise direction should be for the individual to get to their highest destiny.

The bottom line is that all of the Orishas and the ancestors give us a clear idea of how to

navigate our lives for our own benefit but this is only possible by first knowing where you are,

so like a GPS, if you are going to have any movement anywhere in the known universe, you

have to have four points…North, South, East, and West. This is also the outlining formula for

IFA, which in principle, the reason why receiving it is so important because it is crucial to know where you are in relationship to everything else and then you put in where you want to go.

IFA is most effective when you know what is happening with Eshu, your head Orisha, and your alternate parent because you need to know what is happening on your path (Eshu), what your final destination should be (head Orisha), and where you are now as opposed to where you should go (Mother/Father). Once you know all of this…IFA tells you what way to go!

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