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Oshun and Venus: The Cosmic Connection

There's no doubt about it: love is a powerful force. And when it comes to achieving prosperity in our lives, who better to turn to than Oshun? This beautiful and beloved Orisha has a close relationship with the planet Venus, and her influence can help us attract wealth and abundance into our lives. In this blog post, we'll explore Oshun's connection to Venus and learn how to harness the power of love for all forms of prosperity!

Oshun is the Yoruba Goddess of Love and is associated with all things related to love, including passion, fertility, and sensuality. She is associated with the planet Venus, which is named for the Roman goddess of love. Venus has a profound impact on Oshun's domain. Her connection to Venus makes her an especially powerful force when it comes to attracting abundance and prosperity into our lives.

When we think about prosperity, we often think about material wealth. But Oshun reminds us that prosperity is so much more than just money. Prosperity includes good health, loving

relationships, creative expression, and anything else that brings us joy and fulfillment.

Oshun teaches us that the key to attracting all forms of prosperity into our lives is to open our hearts and radiate love. When we do this, we send a powerful message to the Universe that we are ready and deserving of all good things.

Here are some ways you can work with Oshun to harness the power of love for prosperity:

-Write down everything you're grateful for in your life, no matter how small. This simple act of gratitude will open your heart and help you attract more of what you desire.

-Make time for self-care and do things that make you feel happy and alive. When we take care of ourselves, we send a strong signal to the Universe that we are worthy of love and


-Visualize yourself surrounded by all the prosperity you desire. See yourself healthy, happy, and surrounded by people who love and support you.

-Start each day with an intention of love. As you go about your day, send out love and good

vibes to everyone you meet.

By working with Oshun, we can open our hearts and let love flow into our lives. When we do

this, we create the space for all forms of prosperity to enter. So let's get started today and harness the power of love for a prosperous future!

What are some other ways you can work with Oshun to attract prosperity? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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