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Oshun: The River Goddess

Oshun is one of the most venerated Orishas in the Yoruba Pantheon. Oshun

represents love, sweetness, fertility, and sensuality. Her manifestation in nature is

represented by the river. Oshun is one of the most powerful Orishas and at times

she exhibits some of her more human attributes such as vanity and jealousy.

Oshun is very protective of her children. She will not allow anyone to harm them

so be kind to them because, although she is known for her sweetness, Oshun can

be very unforgiving to those that come against her children and the punishment

incurred from an ill attempt or betrayal on them will be substantial. Oshun can

definitely hold a grudge with someone who gets on the other side of her

sensibilities, so please take my advice and try not to make her angry.

Women who suffer from infertility often seek out Oshun to help them because

she represents the ultimate power of femininity. She is also sought out by those

who are suffering financially because she is also known as an Orisha that brings

notable prosperity.

Overall, Oshun is a beautiful Orisha! When you think of Oshun, think of things

that are just breathtakingly beautiful such as an elaborate adornment like fine

jewelry or clothing that would make someone look glamorous or even an

exquisitely decorated home.

When visiting Oshun at the river, offerings that can be brought to her are things

such as, honey, oranges, pumpkins, flowers, and different types of sweets.

More things about Oshun:

  • The number associated with her is 5

  • Colors: Yellow/Gold

  • Sacred Animals: The Peacock and The Vulture

  • Object: The Mirror

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