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Receiving Your Warriors

Someone recently asked me to explain the significance of receiving your Warriors. This is a

good question that is packed with a lot of information.

The initial Warriors received are Eshu, Ogun, Ochoosi, and Osun:

Eshu is perceived in some ways as the most important Orisha because he is the most pivotal

since he is the great teacher of man. He walks you through the patterns of your destiny in life. He is the one who is charged with opening the pathways towards the better possibilities of things that can occur with you in life. He therefore, becomes involved in every aspect of life because every single action has some type of pathway or process by which it occurs.

Ogun is the Orisha of War but he is more than that, he is the Orisha of work. He is represented by Iron. He is the deity that assists us with those things that need to have great stability in life. In ancient times, people used Ogun to make oaths on because it is said that Ogun has only one consequence for the breaking of an oath and that consequence it death. Oaths are taken very seriously because your word should be a stable manifestation of what is happening in your life.

Ogun is the greatest Orisha for absolute stability. Iron is not easily moved, you have to place a great deal of heat to transform it so that it talks about being in a very secure and safe place. Ogun deals with structures, he is the gemologist, as well as the surgeon because he operates either with the broad sword in war as the warrior or he operates with extreme finesse, like the diamond cutter or the physician.

Ochoosi is the third of the warriors and he is the hunter. He is the Orisha that seeks out our

greater destinies in this society. He is a hunter; he goes out after game but we are no longer for the most part living in societies where people are actually engaged in going out and securing meat for their sustenance. We are however always on the hunt for our higher destiny, on the hunt for opportunities that can greater advantage whatever it is that we are actively trying to do in life.He deals with divine justice.

Osun is the final of the warriors. He is there to protect the Ori which is the highest of the seventh soul of each individual. It sits at the apex of the head. Osun reminds us that we have to be attentive to our head spirit, to our Ori and what it is that Ori came to do. Everybody has a divine destiny and that divine destiny is overseen by the highest of our spirits which sits at the apex, otherwise known as the crown, of our head and Osun is here to help protect that spirit so that it will successfully, in this incarnation, move forward with those things that this particular spirit came to do in its divine destiny.

These Orishas that are called The Warriors are called such because that is their primary function which is to Fight and Strive to assist us in keeping on the path and circumventing any of the negative forces that would try to impose on us and keep us from the actualization of our greater good.

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