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Robotics Program of Queen Doyin

Last summer, we here at Queen Doyin wanted to bring some value to the community by

offering programs and classes to the children of our Philadelphia families. We were fortunately able to collaborate with Neighborhood Education Workshop (NEW) and deliver a

comprehensive robotics program to the children under the coaching of Ms. Kai Flowers. Due to the partnership with NEW, the children were subsequently able to participate in the First Lego League Cargo Connect competition.

The program started in August and ended in December with the competition. The age range of the children were from eight to fourteen years old and they all attended schools across the Greater Philadelphia Area, mainly Philadelphia and Delaware Counties.

The children who were a part of this pilot program between the two companies

aforementioned were charged with the task to perform research on a real world problem that related to cargo delivery using different forms of transportation. They came up with an

innovation project which served as a solution to the real world situation that we all face and at the end of their preparation period, they presented their result to the judges as a team. They also designed, built, and learned how to code a robot in order to qualify to compete in the robot game. The team, who competed under the name Seven@7, performed all of these tasks while applying the Core Values of the First organization which are Teamwork, Inclusion,

Innovation, Fun, Discovery, and Impact. Through their teamwork, they earned the

Breakthrough Award! The students enjoyed working together and hope to compete again next year.

We are looking to continue and expand this small program into something bigger but we can’t do it without the rest of the community behind us! If interested, please donate whatever you can to keep the program going for years to come!!!

Queen Doyin and NEW would like to thank all of the people who have supported us over the year. You all are truly appreciated! Also, thank you to the parents that put in many hours to support their children and the program. Finally, Thank You, to Penn Medicine to which gave us our initial grant of $2000 to start the program.

For more information about how to get involved, contact us through the Queen Doyin

Instagram page or the Queen Doyin blog.


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