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Shango: God of Thunder and Lightning!

Shango is a very powerful deity, he is the ruler of thunder and lightning, which

represent courage and justice in the Yoruba tradition. Therefore, someone

needing support from Shango in either of those areas can and often do petition

him for his assistance.

Shango happens to be a deity that once lived on the planet in human form but is

also a natural force. He is considered to be one of the most powerful rulers that

has ever come out of the Yoruba Empire. When the enslaved Africans were

brought to the New World through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Shango not

only became highly revered by our ancestors that ended up in Brazil and the

Caribbean, but he was also syncretized with Saint Barbara out of the Catholic


Shango is the personification of male virulence, beauty, and creativity. He is also

the ruler of the drum and has a passion for dancing. Men may petition Shango to

help in areas of fertility and sexuality. He is generous and very compassionate but

he also has characteristics of being temperamental and a womanizer.

Children of Shango often tend to be very bright and bold in their personality, they

absolutely love to be the center of attention. They also tend to be like their father

Shango, in the sense that they love food (particularly spicy), can be quick to anger,

and are very sexual.

Anyone who wants to make an offering to Shango can bring him Amala, which is

one of his favorite dishes, it consists of cornmeal porridge made with okra. He is

also known to love apples, bananas, rum, and red wine.

More about Shango:

  • His number is 6

  • Colors: Red and White

  • Animals: Fresh water turtles, big cats, dogs, horses

  • Objects: The double ax, thunder stones, the drum

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