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Welcome to Queen-dom of Queen Doyin

Welcome to the Queen Doyin Blog! I am an initiated priest in the Lukumi Tradition and I feel

honored that you are here with me. I want to share the beauty of the Orishas and the benefit of surrendering oneself to accepting the will of nature. Everything that exists in the world has been here before us and will definitely be here after we have gone to the next assignment. The Orishas represent nature in all aspects and they are beautiful! I intend on this becoming a wonderful journey for us to share with one another and a platform for me to provide a service to those individuals that are sincerely seeking out information regarding the tradition.

This space is for those who truly want to encapsulate their life with the love and guidance of the Orishas. We support those that are seeking out basic education on who the Orishas are and what they represent.

During this journey we will also discuss how we can incorporate traditional practices into our

daily routine. This lifestyle is not an easy task, it takes work, but I have had the benefit of

working first-hand with practitioners who have successfully made this a positive contribution to their lifestyle. The idea is to learn and adopt the positive practices that they have incorporated into their daily activities so I can share them with all of you!


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