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The Study of Obatala

Obatala is known as the owner of all heads! This is because he is the father Orisha to all of us and was the one tasked with creating human beings. Now, that being said, it is also important for us to take care of our own heads in order to keep sanity in our lives!!! One way to help get out of the rut, have more mental clarity and focus is to take a spiritual bath.

Living in such a high stress society dealing with family, work, and people out in the community in which one has so much contact with that one doesn’t know, it is important to try to remove negative energy and allow for the positive energy to be pulled towards oneself.

It is very necessary for one to clean their environment, clean themselves physically, and clean themselves spiritually. Although, cleaning oneself physically is very important for our hygiene and also helps refresh us from the energy of people out in the world, cleaning ourselves spiritually allows for us to remove some of the more tenacious negative energy that is still attached to us. Imagine cleansing your aura; that is what the spiritual bath will help do for you. You’re trying to have a metaphysical revitalization predicated on a physical act which is cleaning for removing negative energy and a revitalization of the positive energy.

There are several reasons for a doing a bath:

If you are a person that has a profession that requires the use a lot of brain activity.

If you suffer from depression.

If you want to remove and push away negative energy.

If you want to clear your head and your aura.

If you want to enhance the positive energy.

Ingredients that you can put in your bath are:

Efun/cascarilla (crush it up and spread it in the water)

Shea Butter (take about two teaspoons and heat it up to add to your bath water)

Eau D’ Fleur

Petals from flowers (white specifically)

Goats milk

The most benefit of a spiritual bath is that you actually sit in a bath of water and add the ingredients that you are drawn to but if you don’t have the option of sitting in a bath you can make a bath and pour it over your head and massage it in. Also, it is important to know that it would be best to shower physically before doing the spiritual bath and to allow yourself to air dry if possible afterwards or at the very least pat dry but don’t wipe yourself off.

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