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Hi! I’m 

Queen Doyin

A spiritual wellness adovcate & blogger 

First, I want to say thank you for visiting my website and I am Queen Doyin. The purpose is to share my journey and spread knowledge of the Orishas of the Yoruba religion and it's impact in my everyday life. Life itself can be challenging and I have many moments in which they were for me. I now feel compelled to share those moments and how my love for the Orishas have been since those moments.

I am a practitioner of the Yoruba religion, and as your first question may be, "What is the Yoruba religion?"

The Yoruba religion system comprises of traditional practices and spiritual concepts which has evolved into a robust religious system. The Yoruba traditional religion believes that all human beings pass through what is known as Ayanmo which translate to destiny or fate. Therefore, according to the Yoruba, humans are eventually expected to become one in spirit with the divine creator who is also the source of all energy, a state which is also known as Olodumare. Besides, every action or thoughts of an individual in the physical realm interact with other living things, and each tries to achieve and find destiny in the spiritual sphere. According to religion, an individual who stops growing spiritually in any aspect of their lives are destined for invisible potsherds. Life and death in the Yoruba religion belief system is a continuous cycle of existence in different forms of physical bodies while an individual's spirit evolves towards transcendence.

Feel free to send me a message below about any questions that you have involving your own experience in the Orisha journey.

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