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When Asking a Friend Is Just Not Enough

Hey everyone! Here are some awesome resources to help you in your everyday journey. Feel free to review here where you can find FREE information to point you in the direction you need for potential help and assistance.

Emire Body Care

Emire Body Care is a health and wellness skin care company dedicated to healthy skin.​ All products are made with natural ingredients for all skin types and conditions which includes body butters, soaps, and more.

Check out their website and shop online at

Guidance By Richard

Spiritual alignment. In the flow. The right place at the right time. Whatever you choose to call it, when aligned with Spirit, you are always on the right path. You were led here to build a closer connection with your Spirit guides. I am here to help you do that and show you how to live a more purposeful life. 


"A perfect person is a purposeful person."

Check out more by Guidance By Richard at

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