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Resources of Queen Doyin

The Orisha Community means so much to us here at Queen Doyin and it has become our

mission to serve the community in the best way that we can. One way to do that is to promote individuals and businesses within the community that have a product or service to offer.

We want to build up the community by bringing businesses together in a place where people can learn about the Orishas and the traditions that come with them, support each other spiritually through prayer and ceremony, and grow financially through networking thus becoming financially independent.

We as a people are resilient and have stood the test of time through communal relationships. We have endured the harshest of conditions as a community but have been able to rise and still thrive in a world that has tried to eliminate us by helping ourselves through helping each other. That is what our ancestors did and it is our responsibility to continue our traditions by respecting what was done before us.

Ultimately, Queen Doyin wants to express a lifestyle that represents who we are as a people

while also contributing to propelling us into a positive direction in all aspects of life. We are a

culmination of many things and we should feel free to embrace all of who we are in how we live whether it be in our businesses, clothes, food, homes, or prayer.

We at Queen Doyin will continually put together resources for the community as often as

possible. The purpose of gathering these resources is to serve the Orisha Community and to

promote small businesses that are affiliated or closely work with our community. Please support these businesses and let them know that Queen Doyin sent you!


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