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Yemaya: An Important Orisha!

Yemaya is an important Orisha! She is a very nurturing parent that possesses an amalgamation of all of the minerals and elements that make up the Earth which is why she becomes the mother for so many other Orishas. Her association with all the other Orishas gives us the ability to go to her as her children whether she is our spiritual mother or not. Yemaya holds the key and the source to all of these special elements that are part and parcel of our individual makeup.

Yemaya has the embodiment of all the subtle changes within our unique genetic makeup within her. When we go to Yemaya it is not as if we are going to one of the other Orishas because as an Orisha she also embodies all the other elements of those other Orishas. Yemaya rules and takes up a good portion of our planet and this is why she is the Queen of the Electrolytes. All of the electrolytes that are known and unknown are embedded in her waters and at the deepest points of the ocean we don’t know what is there. We don’t know everything that Yemaya is responsible for but her association with Olokun who is seen in some places as a river deity but in most places as the deepest manifestation of the ocean proves that she holds all of the deepest darkest secrets.

Yemaya’s entire energy goes from the very top which is the crest of the waves to the bottom of the ocean which consists of the unknowable elements that don’t rise to the top. She has great breath as mother and healer like a mother with a child. She understands through her relationship with the child the things that will impact them and help them the most; better than anyone else who could possibly know them.

People who have Yemaya as a parent or as an alternate parent are brought to learning and

understanding through her the importance of nurturing, the importance of motherhood, not just with biological children but with others that may not be a part of their bloodline but with those who are in any conclave or community.

No matter where people are in their lives or how independent they are or what they are

doing….there is always a place for nurturing. Yemaya is the Orisha who deals with this aspect of life.

Offerings to Yemaya:


Dark fruits




Take a spiritual bath with ocean water in order to draw out negative toxins and remove negative energy. Ocean water is so complete that it doesn’t need anything added to it.

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